ARRL Michigan Section
Digital Radio Group
a.k.a. "DRG"
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Periodic Meetings and Training sessions:

The Digital Radio Group meeting schedule & other Packet related Training :


DRG Quarterly Meeting

AMPRnet & Packet Training Sessions

Meeting Date/Time

April 27th, 2019
Noon - 3:00pm
Livingston County EMS Headquarters
Howell MI

JNOS on the Raspberry-Pi
Using the Michigan Networks to get where you are going

Saturday March 2nd, 2019
9am to Noon
Monroe county
(precise location to be provided soon)


Jay Nugent - WB8TKL
1316 Oak Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Jay Nugent - WB8TKL
1316 Oak Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

    DRG Organizational Meetings are attended by any of the Michigan Section Staff and two representatives from each State District (as appointed by that district's DEC). Meetings are NOT open to the public, however, non-members may be asked to attend by invitation for the purpose of presenting specific information or training to the DRG membership.

    AMPRnet Training Sessions we list here are not exclusively DRG offered, but may be offered by other Clubs, ARES/RACES, or other Packet related groups. They are typically open to the general Amateur community. Their purpose is to answer the basic questions that users may have and to help more experianced uses with the more technical questions. These sessions could be held as a Presentation at a Ham Radio Club or ARPSC group, etc. They are intended to expose new users to the AMPRnet network and to train new Operators in its use and to help them better understand all aspects of TCP?IP over AX.25.

    DRG Organizational Meetings are not closed in an effort to hide anything. They are closed in an effort to control the meeting size, as too large a group leads to too many distractions and less work gets accomplished. DRG quarterly meetings are NOT the venue for new users to attend to ask questions like "What is Packet?", or "How do I hook up my TNC?". These meetings are attended by the movers-and-shakers that build out the networks YOU use. The agendas are oftentimes filled to capacity for the 3 to 4 hour long meeting, and we MUST stay on track and on topic else we waste precious time. But please feel free to contact your District Representative for further information about getting started in Packet Radio and TCP/IP or NetROM networking, or check the resources here on this website. Your DRG Representative should also be able to direct you to the nearest Packet Training seminar or presentation at a nearby radio club. And feel free to ask him/her if they would be willing to provide such a presentation at YOUR club! Afterall, that IS what your DRG Representative is there for. To represent and support you!

    Agendas to upcoming meetings as well as the minutes of past meetings will be posted on this website as well as on the ARRL Michigan Section website.

    Working Groups and sub-committees are encouraged to involve as many interested persons, whether ARRL members or not, to participate in such meetings. The Chairperson of each committee shall decide how large or small his or her Working Group shall be, how often it shall meet, and how work or tasks will be delegated within the group. Each WG then reports back to the DRG at the quarterly meetings.

Minutes & Notes from Previous Meetings: