ARRL Michigan Section
Digital Radio Group
a.k.a. "DRG"
a Michigan Section organization

Information Sharing within the DRG:

    No project ever succedes well without the efficient sharing of information within the ranks. The Digital Radio Group (DRG) is here to help promote the expansion and improvement of a Digital Communications Network that we all can use and enjoy. In achieving that goal, it is imperative that we communicate with one another and help to educate one another about Networking and Protocols and Radios and Hardware and anything else that may help us all to reach that stated goal. So a Mailing List is here to help us all to stay connected and exchange ideas.

The DRG Mailing List:

    We maintain a Mailing List run on Mailman © which anyone interested in the DRG or the Michigan AMPRnet can join and exchange ideas and information. We welcome your participation.

To join the DRG Mailing List
go to this URL:

    The email address you use to subscribe will be the ONLY email that you can POST messages to the List. Anything you post to the List will be delivered to everyone on the List. That way everyone can share in the conversation, and learn from questions that others may ask. It is typically a very LOW volume List, so it is highly unlikely that you will receive very much email in your in-box. But loads will vary dependent upon how much participation may occur on any given day.

    Please treat others on the List as you would expect to be treated. If anyone gets too persnickety with your List-mates, I have the power to suspend your ability to post until tempers calm down. This has never been needed, as most Hams are good at self-regulation. We appreciate your good etiquette skills.

Click here to view the Archives of the DRG Mailing List