ARRL Michigan Section
Digital Radio Group
a.k.a. "DRG"
a Michigan Section organization

All about JNOS:

What is JNOS

What does it do

What does it run on

Where can I download it

How to Install

How to Configure

Getting an IP address....

Sample AUTOEXEC.NOS files

Configuring for Email (POP3 client)

Configuring for CONVerse


The WB8RCR "Raspberry Pi-JNOS" image for the Raspberry-Pi/TNC-Pi

JNOS on the Raspberry-Pi:

Installing Pidora-JNOS on the Pi:


Other JNOS on Raspberry-Pi Options:


   - Bernard's new Jessie based image for TNC-Pi -

   - Mitch's Wheezy based image with setup GUI which supports TNC-X and 
Direwolf -

   - I've been working on my own documentation for such a thing (v2 on 
Jessie is close but incomplete, v1 for Wheezy is done) for Direwolf and TNC-Pi -

   - Brett's TNC-Pi centric image -

...more stuff...: