What are the Benefits of DACC Membership:

People -- DACC provides a gathering place for people who share a common interest - Corvairs. We have members that have owned many Corvairs and many that are first time owners. The thing that connects us all is the Corvair. We are a club that loves to eat and socialize. We hold many dinner cruises during the fair weather season and continue to meet through the winter months. If you enjoy cruising and dinners with great people this is the club for you!

Knowledge -- DACC is a source of knowledge for maintaining and repairing your Corvair. The internet is a great place for gathering knowledge and learning about the Corvair, but the very best way to gain first hand experience is working with other members on their Corvairs. Skills are shared and having a good time is a great side effect.

Fellowship -- DACC promotes fellowship with other clubs around the United States. We are actively involved with other clubs around the state and many of us travel to visit other states with our Corvairs meeting new friends along the way.

Detroit Area Corvair Club Membership Application Form:

To join the DACC, please click on the link below, print it, fillit out, then postal mail it with a check for $20 as instructed on the form:

DACC Membership Application Form

Detroit Area Corvair Club Membership Application Form (EXPERIMENTAL):

Please click on the image below (or click HERE) to fill out your Membership application form.



Please fill out all of the fields in the form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. The submitted data will automatically be emailed to the DACC Membership Chairman, Clark Harzel at membership@detroitcorvairs.com for processing. Clark will contact you (via email, preferably) if he has further questions regarding your application.

Or you may fill in the form, then click the PRINT button to print out a hard copy of the application and postal mail it to the DACC Membership Chairman, Clark Harzel.


Join the Detroit Area Corvair Club Mailing List (EXPERIMENTAL):

As a tool, a Mailing List allows our members to stay in better touch with one another, where members can exchange email with everyone else on the list. Think of this as a group discussion area. It is a place to ask questions to all the members, discuss Corvair related technical and repair issues, discuss where and when the next event may be held, offer up ideas for club events and activities, or find out who has that part you are desperatly in need of. It is an open list where anything relating to our Corvairs can be discussed.

Only members of the list can post to it, so SPAM should not be an issue. Membership in this mailing list is optional, and you must opt-in by subscribing to the list. You can un-subscribe from the list at any time.

To join the DACC Mailing List: