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Ham/Amateur Radio Providing Public Service Communications:

Washtenaw county ARPSC is a volunteer organization of Amateur Radio Operators that provides two-way radio communications to help coordinate various non-profit Public Service events such as parades, foot races, and bike-a-thons. In addition, we provide communications to such organizations as the American Red Cross, assuring that communications is never lost to their shelters, when deployed. We also may work with CERT and police, fire, and Emergency Management groups when additional communications are needed during emergencies. ARPSC members receive regular training in communications techniques and are skilled a delivering Tactical and Logistical communications when other radio systems have failed or have become overloaded. ARPSC members are also used in support of the NWS "Skywarn" system of tornado and severe weather spotting. ARPSC uses existing radio "repeater" and digital Packet Radio infrastructures to provide communications without relying on commercial systems. See ARPSC Information for more details.

Emergency Communications:

Washtenaw County ARPSC Repeater Information


N8DUY -- 145.15 (100.0 PL)
N8LBV -- 443.05 (107.2 PL)


W8FSA -- 146.92 (100.0 PL)
145.15 simplex (100.0 PL)


WB8TKL -- 146.96 (no PL)
WD8IEL -- 145.45 (100Hz PL)
146.58 or 147.42 simplex

Drills & Exercises:

The local Ham Radio clubs have been providing communications for a number of Public Service events such as: One Helluva Ride, the Komen Ride for the Cure, and others. Both the ARROW radio club and the Chelsea radio club participate in the annual ARRL Field Day exercise where Amateurs all across the nation set up radio stations and antenna structures and operate for 24 hours on generator power - proving that we *can* operate effectively for long periods of time without commercial infrastructures or permanent antennas. In all of these events the manhours and other measurables are reported through formal channels to the ARRL Michigan Section where reports are made available to the Michigan State Police and our legislators, showing how Amateur Radio helps support the citizens of Michigan.

Each year, during the first weekend in October, the ARPSC participates in a nation-wide drill and training exercise called the Simulated Emergency Test (S.E.T.). In this exercise we interface with Served Agencies such as Emergency Management, Red Cross, CERT, city and county officials, and police/fire/hospitals in an exercise where we work through a pre-determined scenario that tests our abilities to respond and provide the needed communications skills to get the job done. This typically includes being able to get messages to and from the State EOC (SEOC) in Lansing, communicate with the EOCs in neighboringcounties, place personnel into the field to work Search and Rescue (SAR) and direction finding of hung transmitters or aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT). This is a measured exercise and provides us with feedback into areas where we can improve ourselves with further training and practice, as well as fine tuning our written procedures and policies.


Skywarn Nets in Southeastern Michigan are as follows:
NOTE: Many nets require that you have a current and valid Skywarn Spotter ID number in order to check in.

Washtenaw county
145.15 (100.0 PL)
146.92 (100.0 PL)

Wayne county
147.16 (100.0 PL)
145.33 (100.0 PL)

Monroe county
146.72 (100.0 PL)

Jackson county
146.88 (100.0 PL)

Lenewee county
145.37 (84.5 PL)

Livingston county
146.68 (162.2 PL)
145.41 (162.2 PL)

NOAA Weather Radio:

Current Weather Contitions: