Michigan AMPRnet (44.102.y.z)
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Zone 1                       Zone 2                       Zone 3
44.102.220/24         44.102.221/24         44.102.222/24 

Michigan AMPRnet IP Subnet Assignments 44.102.cc.xx listed by County

Michigan HOSTS.NET file (Dated: March 2007)

Michigan AMPRnet
IP Address
Request Form
  Please fill out all of the fields in the form below and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. The submitted data will be emailed to the Michigan AMPRnet IP Coordinator, Jay Nugent WB8TKL jjn@nuge.com for processing. Jay will contact you (via email, preferably) confirming when the IP address request has been completed..

Contact Information
Address (Number & Street):
City: , Michigan
Zip Code:
Primary Phone:   Secondary Phone:
Email Address:

Hostname to be associated with the IP Address (in DNS)
Prefered Hostname: .AMPR.ORG

Examples: "wb8tkl", "hamgate.washtenaw", "bbs.n8kuf", "EOCWAS", "MIDBN"

It is recommended that nodenames be in the following format:
function.location - as in HAMGATE.WASHTENAW or EOCWAY
function.call - as in BBS.N8KUF

And that NetROM/TheNet/Knet/X1J4 nodes follow the format:
state;location - as in MIDBN (Michigan;Dearborn)
Desired Subnet: 44.102.subnet.xx

Please specify the 3rd octet of the desired IP address - or leave this field blank and the 1st subnet for your County will be assumed.

Please provide any additional information that you feel will help expedite your request, or make clear any special requests or needs.

Please click on the "Submit Form" button to send your information.
We will respond to your submission as soon as possible.